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Short History of AGSA, Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations.




By Savita and Suresh Thadhani

Dr. Kaloo Chandram Thadhani was born in 1925 in Hyderabad Sindh, Undivided India of Mirchandani parents. He was born as a Mirchandani and 6 months after he was born, his mother passed away leaving him and another brother and sister homeless. His father passed away sometime before was born. Soon after his mother died he was adopted by his mother side, Thadhani and raised in that home which he considered his own and it was his own family.



He was raised in Sindh and then later he received a scholarship to do his Ph.D. in Immunology/Microbiology from the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore. Soon after he completed his Ph.D in Immunology/Microbiology he married my mother and then migrated to the U.S. for further studies. He received a fellowship at the Emory University in Atlanta where he completed one year of postdoctoral work. After his first year at Emory University, he received another fellowship at University of Chicago to pursue higher studies and research.


He arrived in the U.S. and encountered lots of discrimination and also was on an exchange visa status. His salary was at University standard and my mother worked as well to support all of us which we were able to live affordably in University housing. He received high honors and recognition for his research and work in his field. After pursuing higher studies and research at the University of Chicago he received several job offers from the marketplace. At this point in his life he decided to apply for green card status which was very difficult to get in those days. During this course of time he faced heavy discrimination and lots of obstacles in the work arena. personal life. from the government well...


In spite of all these obstacles he was able to overcome it and finally received the highest honors and rewards in his professional life, a very good-high ranking job position and he became a U. S. citizen where he took active role in politics as well. It is his background which has made him a true gentleman, decent, genuine, honest, loving sincere, courage, neat. sweet. dignified, noble. distinguished character like qualities. Everything he encountered in his life was with a smile. lots of faith in god and a good decent heart. He was a vety decent, clean, loving gentleman where he would preach that "God is great!" Due to these qualities and his generous nature he has helped people all around the world where all have succeeded in whatever endeavor people have pursued. In addition. all those who came in contact with him had high respect for him and high regard for his work, personality and his sincere efforts to improve mankind. This also pertains to his fellow colleagues. professional friends and even distant acquaintances. He received the highest honors and great achievements in his professional work life where he highly surpassed his American counterparts and was greatly respected in his field not only by his professional peers but also by his higher level colleagues.


It was not only in this country where he was well respected pro-fessionally but also on an international basis well. People from all around the world came to know of his gentleman-like character and his accomplished work. Due to his strong devotion and tremendous faith in God which he carried him through his life. These mere words just cannot do him justice to describe thc nature of Dr. Kaloo C. Thadhani and it would be more rewarding to have him here with us today.



A True World Citizen


If there is one single individual who deserves an ward for 'International Integration' for Asia in general. India in particular, and Sindhis to be specific, it is Mr. Prem T. Lalvani, a legend and truly a world-class citizen. Recognizing this merit. Mr. Lalvani was recently presented with the 'Asian American Award of the Decade' by the fourteenth Annual Asian American Coalition Lunar New Year Celebration Committee of Chicago at its annual banquet.


No single individual has done as much for the Indian American Community. Mr. Lalvani. Community activitist and social worker by profession. Lalvani has dedicated his life to promote justice, equality, understanding and unity among the Asian American Community and mainstream Americans by participating with various social, cultural, religious, political, professional and community organizations.


Another rare honor bestowed on him was his appointment as a member of the Governor's Asian-American Advisory Council, a member of George Bush's Asian-American Election Committee and his appointment as a member of the Board of Fire and Police Commission of Bolingbrook, Illinois. He is the first Asian-American to be appointed to is coveted post by the Mayor of Bolingbrook. In this capacity, Lalvani would be interviewing candidates for appointment n Fire and Police Departments respectively. He would be also interviewing in-service candidates of these two departments and recommending for promotion for higher posts.


Lalvani initiated the Sindhi Association of Chicago in 1965 and served as its a president in 1969. He was the founding member of the West Suburb India Society, and its president in 1970, 1980 and 1992; he was the founding member of the Alliance of Midwest India Association in 1986 and its current president. He was a member of Hindu Host Committee in 1993 during the Centenary Celebration of Parliament of World Religions. Presently serving as its executive director, Lalvani initiated Alliance of Sinai Associations of Americas in 1993. He was chairman of Twelfth Annual Asian American Coalition's Lunar New Year Celebrations Committee in 1995. Prem and Rose Lalvani have been attending Asian American Coalition together for a number of years. They have chaired various committees. Their children. Nadja and Prem Jr., have been participating in various events as volunteers. Lalvani was co-chair of the First Asian American Festival which sponsored "Taste of Asia". He has been involved with Independence Day Parade, sponsored by the Alliance for several years. Since 1987, Lalvani has organized Thanksgiving dinners through the Alliance of Midwest India Society. The Alliance also organizes free health fairs for uninsured persons.


Lalvani also holds several other public positions, including the National Association of Social Workers. Social Workers in Emergency Medicines. West Side Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Network, Chicago Sexual Assault Service Network, Service and Rehabilitation Committee of American Cancer Society. He was a member of Minority and Site Visitation Committee of Mental Health Association of Ald. Danny Davis City Council Advisory Commission on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse in 1985.


Asked how he got deeply involved with community service. Lalvani said that it runs in the family. His father the Late Dr. Tarachand J. Lalvani, a journalist, medical doctor. and labor leader was involved in India's Independence Movement with Gandhiji and other freedom fighters. His mother, Rukmani, was the first Indian woman in British India to become the editor of Karachi Daily, an English newspaper. Lalvani is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), and Academy of Certified Social Worker (ACSW). Prior to immigration, he served on the editorial staff of Indian Express. He served as a Divisional Director in the Department of Social Work. Cook County Hospital for over 30 years. An accomplished photographer. Lalvani has many awards and honorable mentions in American and international competitions.


He specializes in portrait photographs. Having received Bachelor of Arts, Law and Journalism degrees from Bombay University, Lalvani received a Masters degree in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Science and a Master degree in Education from De Paul University. Social work and community service are two areas that are very dear to Lalvani.


"My approach to life changed when I joined a course at Tata Institute of Social Science in Bombay," he reveals, "I grew up from a boy to a man in this institution. The course changed my whole perspective towards life.- he adds. saw stark poverty, illness and disease." Despite his many achievements, Lalvani remains a very down-to-carth person. Time and tide may have taken him places, but they have not changed his resolve to work for the less fortunate and the betterment of society. If anything, they have only strengthened Lalvani's resolve to help make this world a better place.




Many of our scholars from have given us their view points about Sindh an its inhabitants since times immemorial. Mr. K.R. Malkani has written extensively about Sindhis before partition of India. He has . given the historical background in his Book "The Sindh Story". published in . Mr. G.M. Sycd the present leader of Sindhis in Pakistan believes that Sindh has a very important role to play in bringing peace between India and Pakistan.


Now we have to see the position of Sindh Hindus who have spread far and wide and still feel something missing inspite of their economic gains


Dr. G.K. Kripalani has put his ideas about the position of Sindhis in the years ahaead. He has given a strong analogy of Fish in water. Fish that has been produced in sea water may not survive in fresh water, but some may adapt or become mutants. Thus a new type of Sindhi is created who has a flexibility and adaptability to survive the change of culture taking place in the modem world and may not be the same like his anscestors in their thinking and their work habits. Many of our older people would like to continue the old traditions, which is only possible in India for those Hindus who moved to states closer to Sindh.


We in U.S.A. believe that in order to maintain our Sindhiyat, We have to learn from our Jewish Brothers, who lost their land and still survived as Jews for nearly two thousand years. This they achieved by being strongly united and helping their poor and downtrodden to come up. Jewish Charities arc well known. American Jews even today send money and their talented people to Israel to help a nation to come to present level. This is a lesson for all the Sindhis wherever they are now settled for making a living to survive. This is a saying that God expects more from those who have been blessed with more. The purpose for which this Alliance is created is to bring Sindhis together and be united to solve our own problems.


It is much easier to maintain our language and culture due to modern technology. Among us we have people in U.S.A. who have started teaching Sindhi to the kids. A video is being made to learn Sindhi at home by Mr. Laxman Malkani of San Francisco. He has a mission to improve the standard of education for poor Sindhi students of India and also how to improve our matrimonial system for our youth through communication. Then we have people working in pharmaceutical and medical fields who wish to contribute medical assistance and training to our medical personnel in India. All this can be achieved if we are united.


As you know that in every democratic country the number of votes count. In this country many of our Sindhis are interested in taking part in local and national politics. We should support thier efforts.


Unity gives us strength and our numbers in U.S.A. will bring recognition, politicians will listen to our view points for our Hindu brothers who are facing extinction, conversions and abduction of women. We should strive to get them refugee status.


Enclosing I have to say that the future of Sindhi Hindus is bright because of their nature. Let us stand together and be counted here and abroad.


History of AGSA


The year was 1989; there were a handful of Sindhi Associations in some of the major cities in USA. The idea of an umbrella organization was conceived by Mr. Prem Lalvani who was the Director of Alliance of Midwest India Associations along with Dr. Kaloo Thadhani. It took them four years to form the Alliance of Sindhi Associations of Americas, Inc. and secure the tax exempt non-profit status. Initially the Sindhi associations who joined the Alliance were from New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington D.C, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The bylaws were drafted and a constitution was approved.



The main purpose of the Alliance was to preserve and nurture our Sindhi traditions, language and values for the future generations, to have unity among Sindhis, to help our needy Sindhi students in India to get education and to help build Senior Sindhu Centers in each of the major cities in USA. To achieve these objectives, the organization needed collective thoughts, so was born the idea of Sindhi Sammelan, a three day event where Sindhis from around the country could come together.


The first Sindhi Sammelan was held in New Jersey in 1994, it was hosted by Sindhi Association of New Jersey. There were about 150 attendees. The second Sammelan was held in New York with a theme, “Investment in Youth” which was attended by 400 Sindhis from around the country. The third was held in Chicago in 1996, the theme was “Year of the Sindhi Women” and was attended by over 550 Sindhis. In year 2005 the Alliance held its 1st Sindhi Sammelan outside of USA. The 12th Sindhi Sammelan was held in Mumbai, India. Since then Alliance has held Sammelans in London, Jakarta, Singapore, Indore India, Ahmedabad India with the 21st Sammelan held in 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The success of the Sammelans in India, Europe and Far East countries prompted to shift the focus from American to a Global organization. In the year 2013 the Alliance of Global Sindhi Association was conceived.  The organization has the same objectives and mission with a broader focus.





Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai

Mr. Prem Lalvani
Chairman (Lifetime)
(Since 2003)


Ramola Motwani
Past President

Mr. Lal Motwani
Past President

Dr. Dayal Meshri

Ms. Vimla Tewari
Past President

Mr. Prem Lalvani
Past President

Late Dr. Kaloo Thadhani
Past President



First Sammelan

Sindhi Association of New Jersey

Date: July 16-17th, 1994
Location: Edison Town, New Jersey, USA
Convenor: Kishin Kripalani
Chief Guest: R. J. Advani
Second Sammelan

Sindhi Circle, New York

Date: September 3rd,4th, 1995
Location: Ramada Hotel Adria, New York, USA
Convenor: Lal K Motwani
Chief Guest: Dada Jashan P. Vaswani
Third Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Metropolitian Chicago

Date: July 27th - 28th, 1996
Location: Marriot Hotel, Oak Brook, IL
Convenor: Prem Balani & Hiro Mirchandani
Chief Guest: Sundri Watumal
Fourth Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Toronto, Canada

Date: July 25th - 27th, 1997
Location: Toronto
Convenor: Sher Motwani
Fifth Sammelan

Sindhi Community of Sillicon Valley

Date: July 10th - 12th, 1998
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, California, USA
Convenor: Prakash Daryanani
Sixth Sammelan

Sindhis of Florida, Orlando

Date: July 30th - August 1st, 1999
Location: Hyatt, Orlando, Florida, USA
Convenor: Ratna Gidwani
Seventh Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Metropolitan Chicago

Date: August 4th-6th, 2000
Location: Holiday Inn O'Hare, Chicago, USA
Convenor: Nand Belani
Chief Guest: Ram Jethmalani
Eigth Sammelan

Sindhi Association of South California

Date: July 13-15, 2001
Location: Radisson Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Convenor: Kishore Lala
Chief Guest: Jhamatmal Wadhwani
Ninth Sammelan

Alliance of Sindhi Association of America

Date: June 27-30, 2002
Location: Jhulelal Cruise to Bahamas
Ramola Motwani
Convenor: Prem Lalvani & Vimla Tiwari
Tenth Sammelan

Sindhi Association of South California

Date: July 11-13, 2003
Location: Alexis Park Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Convenor: Vimla Tewari
Elevanth Sammelan

Sindhi Association of United Kingdom

Date: July 24-26, 2004
Location: Holiday Inn, Hendon, London
Convenor: Raj Daswani
Twelfth Sammelan

Sahyog Foundation & Sindhi Shaan

Date: December 28-30, 2005
Location: Mumbai, India
Convenor: Ram Jawhrani
No Sammelan
Too Early
Fourteenth Sammelan

Singapore Sindhi Association

Date:July 27-30, 2007
Location: Singapore
Convenor: Deepak Gurnani
Chief Guest: President S.R. Nathan
Fifteenth Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Barbados, Caribbean

Date: July 27-29, 2008
Location: Casa Grande, Barbados, Caribbean
Convenor: Asha Mirchandani
Sixteenth Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Southern California

Date: July 24-26, 2009
Location: Westin Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Convenor: Kamal Lala
Seventeenth Sammelan

Gandhi Sewak Lok, Jakarta

Date: July 9-11, 2010
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Convenor: Shyam R Jethanani
Chief Guest: L.K. Advani
Eighteenth Sammelan

Sindhi Council of India

Date: December 16-18, 2011
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Convenor: Amar Daulatani
Chief Guest: CM Narendra Modi
Ninteenth Sammelan

Alliance of Sindhi Associations of Americas

Date: August 26-September 2, 2012
Location: Jhulelal Cruise, Western Caribbean
Ramola Motwani
Conveynor: Dr. Dayal Meshri
Twentieth Sammelan

Sindhu Mahajot

Date: December 13-15, 2013
Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Convenor: Manohar Dev
Twenty First Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Malaysia

Date: July 25-27, 2014
Location: JW Marriott Hotel, Kaula Lampur, Malaysia
Convenor: Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai
Chief Guest: L.K. Advani
Twenty Second Sammelan

Alliance of Global Sindhi Association

Date: September 26-October 3, 2015
Location: Jhulelal Cruise, Eastern Caribbean
Convenor: Ramola Motwani
Twenty Third Sammelan

Sindhi Association of Toronto

Date: August 26-28, 2016 Location: Hilton Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Convenor: Ashok Gehi
Chief Guest: Sai Sadhram Sahib, Sindh
Twenty Fourth Sammelan

Jhulelal Cruise

Date: June 17-25, 2017
Location: Singapore to Hongkong
Convenor: Lal Motwani
Chief Guest: Shrichand Kripalani
Twenty Fifth Sammelan

Sindhi Community of Northern California

Date: July 5-8, 2018
Location: Hayatt Regency, Santa Clara
Convenor: Chandru Bhambhra
Twenty Sixth Sammelan

Alliance of Sindhi Association

Date: June 15-23, 2019
Location: Royal Caribben Cruise, Barcelona, Spain
Convenor: Satish Raisinghani
Twenty Seventh Sammelan


Date: November 4-5-6, 2022
Location:The Corinthians Resort & Club,Nyati County, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060
Convenor: Dr. Peter Pitambar (Peter) Dhalwani 



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