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Address: 1999 Jamestown Ln, Elgin, IL 60123, USA
Phone: +1 630-781-1240


Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai (Malaysia)
+6019 335 2036

Prem T. Lalvani (USA)
+1 630 452 7089

Exec. Vice President
Manohar Dev (India)
+9194 2506 3645

Vice President
Satish Raisinghani (Spain)
+6019 335 2036

Vice President
Murli Adnani (India)
+9198 1915 40464

Hon. Secretary
Ms Kamal Lala (USA)
+1 818 717 0665

Hon. Treasurer/Registered Agent
Nand N. Belani (USA)
+1 630 781 1240

Hon. Jt. Treasurer
Mohan C. Karamchandani (USA)
+1 312 560 5605

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri (USA)
+1 918 266 6789

Rajesh Nagpal (USA)
+1 201 936 1080
Lal Motwani +1 516 581 3332
Arjan T. Daswani
+65 6854 0798

Ex. Officio Past President
Ms Ramola Motwani (USA)
+1 954 629 5708

Arjan T. Daswani (Singapore)
Founder (Life) Chairman
+65 6854 0798

Ms Kajal A Ramchandani (India)
Promotions & Workshops
Mumbai+9198 2084 4722


Late Dr. Kaloo Thadhani
Founding Alliance President (Chicago, USA)

Past President (1994-98)


The idea of Sindhi Sammelan was first conceived by Prem Lalvani who was at the time Executive Director of Alliance of Midwest India Associations, while I was treasurer, in 1988-89. The active action was taken in 1989 at the time of Silver jubilee celebration of Sindhi Association of Chicago. At the time, the target for First World Sindhi Samrnelan was 1992, however, the community was not ready for such huge undertaking.


I retired in 1993 and Prem Lalvani suggested that I work full time for Alliance of Sindhi Associations of Americas. I have been devoting most of my time for the Alliance. worked hard and secured tax-exempt non-profit organization status for the Alliance. When Chandru Bhojwani became president of Sindhi Association of Chicago, he responded positively to the idea ot first Sindhi Sammelan. A meeting was held during Diwali function and delegates from Washington, D.C. came and the constitution was approved. Initially, four Sindhi associations who joined the Alliance. were from New Jersey, Washington DC. Los Angles and San Francisco. At present, there are 17 Sindhi Associations from Canada, U.S.A., and Caribbean Islands who are members of the Alliance.


The main purpose for which the Alliance was formed is to


  1. Have unity among Sindhis.
  2. Help our needy Sindhi students in India to get education.
  3. Teach and maintain Sindhi language and culture.
  4. Help build Senior Sindhu Centers in each city. and
  5. Provide opportunity for our eligible young adults to meet other Sindhis from all parts of Americas.


Shah Lalchand Ranai, DPSM, JP.
Current President AGSA
I am very honored to be given the opportunity to pen a few lines, in this enhanced website of our International Association, AGSA.


I am very proud to make mention that this prestigious AGSA organisation has a proud history of 28 years , serving the worldwide Sindhi Associations to the best of her ability, even until today. Many heartfelt thanks go to the Founders, various Past Presidents and their most able Board Members, Past and Present, whom we want to specially express our heartfelt thanks. Without their effort, diligence and dedication, AGSA won’t be the much respected International Association that it is today.


Special thanks also go to following persons whom; I have specially tasked to put together our distinguished collective history and achievements.


(1)One of our oldest AGSA board member, Mr. Mohan Karamchandani who helped to scan all our sammelan brochures and posted them at our AGSA website for our posterity’s benefit and also updated history of alliance


(2) Mr Nand Belani who originally formulated the AGSA website


(3) Mr Deepak Keswani, a Graphic Designer, who updated the history of our Alliance.


It is worthwhile to note that our First Sindhi Sammelan was held in New Jersey in the year 1994, though the idea was first promulgated and conceived by the Founders Mr Prem T Lalvani and the late Dr Kaloo C Thadhani in the year 1989.


Thus, as AGSA’s president , it is my joy to see that our Sindhi Community is fast expanding and making headway internationally. It is also my joy to have launched our Sindhi Youth Website, it's a Platform where all our young people can meet online.


Finally, I wish each and everyone of you, every success that life can bring. Stay safe and healthy always.


Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely,
Shah Lalchand Ranai, DPSM, JP.
President AGSA


Gaurav Valecha2021
22-Jul-2021 05:05 pm
Jai jhulelal is your branch in India and can u join you from India to promote for sindhis

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