Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations, Inc.

Ms. Ramola Motwani


Mr. Lal K. Motwani

Ex. Officio (Past President)

Mr. Prem Lalvani


Mr. Murli Adnani

Exec. Vice President

Datuk Lalchand Ranai

Vice President

Mr. Mohan Karamchandani

Vice President

Mr. Manohar Dev

Hon. Secretary

Mr. Nand Belani

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Satish Raisinghani

Hon. Jt. Treasurer

Ms. Kamal Lala

Hon. Jt. Secretary

Mr. Arjan T. Daswani


Founder "Life" Chairman on Romanized Sindhi project.

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri



Prof. Ms. Kajal A Ramchandani

Romanized Sindhi Sub-Committee

Promotions & Workshop Director

Mr. Rajesh Nagpal


Our Mission:

To build and sustain local and global Sindhi community by promoting our language, history,

culture and literature.

Our Goals:

  • Preserve our the cultural heritage
  • Promote our language, history, culture and literature
  • Further education and learning of Sindhi language.
  • Work towards formation of a Global Sindhi Nation
  • Globally integrate community by creating networks.
  • Discuss issues and potential solutions for the problems facing the community. Issues like inter-racial marriages,
    business, youth, women's role, seniors, etc.

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